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The conference and the exhibition are an extension and continuation of the International Conference and Exhibition AIRPORT which was organized by Warsaw Exhibition Board for the last 10 years. Its topic was focused on the land infrastructure of the air transport and its development.

The scope of topics covered in the event addresses all of the most current issues affecting the development of the state and civil aviation - innovative technology, infrastructure and organizational development of the air transport market in Poland as well as in the Central and Eastern Europe...

The conference is designed for the representatives of the public government administration, members of Parliament, representatives of local authorities administration, Polish and foreign aviation companies, representatives of the air force, airlines, airports, handling companies and all professionals involved in aviation.

The Polish Air Force Academy in Deblin – a cradle of the state and civil aviation personnel – is the co-organiser of the conference, it is also one of the most important symbols of Polish military aviation.

The NEW GENERATION AVIATION International Conference & Exhibition, held in Warsaw, Poland, on 27 March 2019. 

The NEW GENERATION AVIATION – STRATEGIES, TECHNOLOGIES, SOLUTIONS conference and exhibition is an expanded continuation of the AIRPORT International Conference and Exhibition organized by Zarząd Targów Warszawskich since 2008 and focused on ground-based infrastructure for air transport and its expansion. The conference is organized together with the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin – a source of staff for government and civil aviation and one of the most important symbols of Polish military aviation. NEW GENERATION AVIATION – STRATEGIES, TECHNOLOGIES, SOLUTIONS is an event unique on a national scale that brings together the civil, general and government aviation communities as well as creating a venue for the presentation of innovative solutions in conditions of complete transparency and for a merit-based debate on issues related to aviation, its infrastructure and its industrial and maintenance base.

The Central Transportation Port concept and the development of airports in Poland against the background of global best practice and prospects for the development of the air transport market; new generation military aviation – challenges of today and tomorrow; protecting airfields and airports from birds, drones and other air traffic hazards; new generation fuel and engine technologies in aviation – another game changer?; air traffic control in the face of the development of new technologies in civil and government aviation; training of civilian pilots and ground personnel in new generation aviation. The topics covered at the event include all the most relevant issues affecting the development of civil and government aviation, innovative technological, infrastructural and organizational solutions, the development of the air transport market in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe and the related development of different segments of the economy, particularly the aircraft industry.

The conference is addressed to representatives of the government administration, parliamentarians, representatives of local government, the aircraft industry of Poland and other countries, representatives of the Air Force, airlines, airports, handling companies and anyone with a professional connection to aviation. The conference participants (based on data from 2017-2018) include high-ranking representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of National Defence, the National Security Bureau, the Sejm’s Local Self-Government and Regional Policy Committee, the Inspectorate for the Air Force at the General Command of the Polish Armed Forces, IATA, LOT Polish Airlines, Polish Airports State Enterprise, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, EUROCONTROL, the Board of Airline Representatives in Poland, the Polish Aviation Club and the Polish Regional Airports Association. 

Information and promotion stand, ad in the event guide (conference materials), screening of a short film, brief presentation during the conference, participation in the conference as an audience member etc.


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